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Root Retouch: (1.5 Hour) $115+
Covering your unwanted new growth
 (4-6 weeks) 

All Over Color: (2 Hours) $140+
A color within 3 levels of your natural color, applied roots to ends. (NO pre lightening included)

Tone Refresh: (1 Hour) $85+
Enhancing the shine/tone of pre-lightened hair while canceling unwanted tones 

Hourly Rate: $90/Hour: 
Reaching hair goals can take a lot of time/sessions. Having one long session can give you results comparable to a few sessions. Consultation & Deposit Required.

The popular word that we still hear yet nobody knows how to pronounce. It is pronounced bah-lay-ahge and it is simply a free hand technique used to paint the hair creating a natural graduation of lightness. Typically lightening between 2-3 levels with a warm/natural finish.

Full Balayage: (3.5 Hours) $225+ 
Dimensional Highlights are painted on throughout your entire head giving you a sun-kissed look

Partial Balayage: (2.5 Hours) $160+
Targeting only the top of your head to tap into a lighter color or maintain your previous color

Reverse Balayage: (2 Hours) $150+
This service adds depth and richness back into your hair. (No Highlights Included)

Traditional Highlights bringing the ultimate crisp and brightness to your hair. Generally lightens 3-6 levels. Looking for a lived in/rooty look? Just add on a color melt or a shadow root!

Full Foil: (3.5 hours) $250+
A customized placement of highlights all over creating a brighter overall look 

Partial Foil: (2.5 hours) $175+
Brightening up the top of your
 head and hairline 

Brighten Me Up: (2 Hours) $130+ 
Money Piece Anyone? Around the hairline foils to brighten up your face frame






Color Services

Express Keratin:  $25 Color lock and shine that lasts 30 days

Additional Color Bowls: $20-$30 Gloss/Permanent color 

Wet Balayage: $45 At the bowl

Haircut: $35 

Add on Shadow Root: $30 A technique used to soften the appearance of your highlights by using a darker color at the root closest to your natural Color

Color Melt:  $60 A technique overlapping two to three colors to achieve a gradient look 

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