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Throughout my twelve years of hairdressing I've been able to broaden my versatility by working with a range of textures, colors and lengths. But I found my true calling to be both a Brunette and Bridal Specialist.

There was no guessing what I would be when I grew up. As a child I’d travel with a caboodle (carry case) filled with all kinds of hair accessories looking for my next hair model within my family. Turning dark, thick, long, and sometimes curly hair into all sorts of braids and twists is where it all started…

After finding my calling, I committed myself to becoming the most well-rounded Brunette and Bridal Specialist I could be. My devotion to my clientele is presented through not only the service provided, but also in the knowledge I share to help them understand the process of how to care for their hair.

My mission as a Brunette and Bridal Specialist is to create hair that reflects who my client is.

xoxo, Kathy

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Our native Island, a spec on the map filled with so much beauty. Waterfalls, unique bird species in the rainforest and over 300 miles of beaches where you’ll find coral reefs. Where I go to both relax and be festive with family, This place has my heart.

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They say people eat to live, well I live to eat!
Finding the best food spots in my city and when I travel is one of my favorite things to do.


I believe to be solar powered! From sunrise to sunset I can spend the day with family outdoors, biking, hiking or just reading!


Dancing has always been a part of my life, whether it was performing or just social. It doesn’t take long for me to move when I hear salsa or bachata playing!

My Why

As we all face adversity in life we must not let it knock us down. Just like trees face the worst of the climate, if remains as strong as its roots. It is those core values my mom instilled in me that developed me to be a person of courage, integrity, humility, and respect. My life and business will always be rooted in that!

To my daughter who I will pass this on to, I thank you for giving me no excuses to quit. 

My why